Advancements in Health Research (#AHRjournal) has the aim to become a world-leading medical journal, initially published on a quarterly basis. It accepts, with an open-access policy, studies by highly ranked scientists worldwide, providing scientific material to a large global audience, and aiming to have an impact on health. The publication of this journal was decided by the Paolo Procacci Foundation based on a large consensus experienced by the previous editorial initiatives of the Foundation. Our goal is to make science easily available to all those interested. The ambition of #AHRjournal is to serve and aid in a transformation of society, providing an improved and ethical approach to research on health, with a preferential focus on Pain Medicine and Quality of Life. We would be proud to publish papers that provide a crucial contribution to science and human health. #AHRjournal invites the submission of original content, as well as narrative reviews, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses, which may contribute to advances in medical science and practice.

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